Step 9: Link snowboard turns


Link snowboard turns.

You’re almost there! Once you’ve figured out toe and heel turns, linking them is easy with a little practice, timing and confidence. In this episode, we’ll help you link the C-turns you have already mastered.

Since you already know how to turn both directions, linking turns doesn’t really involve learning a new skill. The motions are basically the same. But it does require a little more risk and a lot of courage. Commit to the movements and you’ll be making smooth turns in no time.

Step 1 – Review proper snowboard alignment
Keeping proper alignment can be difficult when you learn new things. You might think it would be easier if you move your arms, but remember to keep your arms down at your sides and your shoulders parallel with the board. This will help you maintain good balance and alignment.

Step 2 – Practice on flat ground
Have a friend or coach push you along flat ground. You can link turns even with a tiny bit of pressure using just your feet and knee. Press on your front foot, then back foot, then rotate your knee. Your feet start the direction change, but the knee really rounds the turn. If you can convince a friend to push you, this is a great way to begin linking turns.

Step 3 – C-turns with a traverse
On a green run, practice a few C-turns (both toe and heel).

  • Make a turn but don’t stop. Instead, traverse across the fall-line slowly (it’s okay to pause)

  • After you’ve regained composure during the traverse, slowly shift weight over your front foot. This will move the snowboard downhill and prepare you for the next turn

  • Once your snowboard is pointing downhill, then and only then, press down on your front foot, then back foot, and round the turn with your front knee

  • Repeat

Step 4 – Reduce the traverse
Gradually reduce the pause between each turn until you are linking them confidently. You will leave an S-shaped track in the snow and make runs faster than ever before.

At this point, it’s just mileage. Have confidence in your turns and take as many runs as you can. You are a now a snowboarder. We’re proud.

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