In 2008 I searched all over for good instructional snowboard videos. I could only find home videos of people doing face-plants or professional videos that gave one beginner tip followed by rodeo flips off a 70 foot kicker to guitar music. My brother and I talked it over and decided to make real videos that actually teach stuff.

We headed to Breckenridge, Colorado and my husband helped us film a bunch of riding. We filmed all summer long and Rick edited and built the website. So there you have it.

We don’t get paid by any brands or collect big advertising checks. And we don’t plan to charge a fee to access our videos. We believe snowboarding should be accessible to everyone and we hope our lessons help more people learn to snowboard. We make videos because we enjoy teaching and have fun goofing around with the camera. Though our time has become increasingly limited with full-time jobs and kids, we hope to produce additional videos.

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About Jill

I used to be a sort-of pro snowboarder but decided to attend college and pursue an ordinary career. At my peak, I was a national champion, member of the Jr. National Team and had my name printed on the inside cover of the 1997 Burton catalog. It was great. I got to snowboard around the world. But it didn’t last long and, ten surgeries later, I got dropped from Burton and was too beat-up to continue racing.

I love the sport too much to quit so I’ve been teaching for the past 8 years. I earned my Level II AASI Certification and found a true passion for instruction. I still work in my ordinary career, but spend free time making snowboard videos with my brother Rick.

I currently work-from-home full-time as an affiliate manager and take care of my baby (born April 2010).

Thank you for supporting our website and letting us share our passion. If you’ve got any suggestions, feel free to email me at jill@snowprofessor.com.
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Age: 39

Home resort: Afton Alps — YEAH!!!

Years snowboarding: 26

Years teaching: 8
Certification: AASI Level II

Weight/height: 5’3”, 105 lbs

Snowboard: Burton FeelGood ES 145 and Malolo 149

About Rick

Rick went to the University of Colorado in Boulder so he could study mechanical engineering and snowboard 60 days a year (not necessarily in that order). He moved back to Minnesota and got a sensible job at an engineering company of some sort where he answered phones in a cubical most of the day. He taught himself nerdy stuff—like video editing software and how to build his own computer.

Snowboarding in Minnesota can be lame, so Rick and his wife began teaching for SkiJammers to pass the time. Rick’s urge to spin over massive freestyle jumps faded away as he got older, but he discovered that he really liked training other people to fly over them.

He racked up all sorts of AASI (American Association of Snowboard Instructors) certification; obtaining his Level 3, Freestyle Accreditation, Children’s Accreditation and earning a spot on the Central Division Education Staff. La-tee-da.

He drove a minivan and a station wagon. He is very grown up and he WILL turn this car around if needed.

You can ask him a question at rick@snowprofessor.com or follow him on Twitter: @SnowProRick

Age: 41

Home resort: Minnesota!!

Certification: AASI Level III, Freestyle Accreditation, Children’s Accreditation, appointed to the Central Division Ed Staff, elected to the Central Division Board of Directors

Years snowboarding: 30

Years teaching: 19

Height/weight: 6’2”, 180 lbs

Boot Size: US Men’s 9.0

Current Snowboards: Burton Speed Date 156, Burton Skeleton Key 158, Burton Flight Attendant 159, Burton Blunt 155, Custom X 156

Previously Used Snowboards: Burton Antler 154.5, Burton Sherlock 160, Malolo 162, Burton T7 162, Custom X 160, Joystick 161, Un.Inc 158, Custom 158

This picture is so old, my son Spencer isn’t even in it!

This picture is so old, my son Spencer isn’t even in it!