How to boardslide a box


Once you master 50-50 on a box, you're ready to try a boardslide. A boardslide is one of the most versatile and stylish grind tricks around. In this episode, we'll teach you how to do a back-side boardslide. You already know the movements from a bunch of other boring and crappy activities you've been doing most of your life.

To do a boardslide, you will approach the box with a little speed, pop in the air and spin 90 degrees, land on the box with a flat base, then pop off the end and ride away regular.

Step 1: Find the right box

Landing the right trick starts by finding the right feature. For your first boardslide, the right feature is a beginner box:

  • Find one with a ride-on ramp so you don’t need to clear a big gap (a slight gap is okay too)

  • 1-2 feet wide

  • Box should be 1-2 feet off the snow

  • Smooth take-off and landing—no ruts or ice.

  • Because your edges will be riding along the box, it's a good idea to check the box for burs and rough spots to prevent catching an edge.

Step 2: Practice the pop

Go somewhere flat to practice the right movement, save a lift ticket and practice in your backyard.

  • Strap both feet in do a few straight pops to warm up. Get low and spring up evenly with both feet.

  • Now add a 90 degree spin. You shouldn't need to use your arms to get the full rotation. Just dig in with your toe or heel edge (whatever you're more comfortable with), and turn your hips.

  • Now throw down a stick or draw a line in the snow. Land on a flat base with the stick right between your feet—notice that you have to start off to one side to land in the middle.

Step 3: Practice keeping your base flat

It's very important to maintain a flat base while on the box to avoid slipping back. There are a few ways to practice this, and the best part is you already know how to do them and they don't require a lift-ticket.

  • The best way to keep a flat base is to bend your knees a lot, stick you butt out and keep an upright back. It's kinda like pooping in the woods.

  • The motion is virtually the same as riding the back of a shopping cart. Hop on with soft legs and keep your knees over your toes and shoulders over your knees. Just like on a box, if you lean back, you will fall backwards.

Step 4: Boardslide your snowboard

Now that you've got the pop and posture, put it together with this drill that simulates the motion.

  • Take off your snowboard

  • Place your snowboard on the snow

  • In your boots, jump onto your snowboard so your feet land between the tip and bindings. Remember to land with soft, absorbent knees and keep your feet flat. If you get in the back-seat, see how it's easy to fly off.

Step 5: Pop on the box

When the park isn’t busy, get a friend or coach to help you onto the box. Try popping 90 degrees then back to straight a few times on the box. Sit up there for a little while and get used to the feeling. Keep your knees really bent, you should always be putting pressure on your shins—so much so that if I stuck a quarter in the front of your boot, you're forward pressure would keep it from falling out of place. Your knees should be over your toes and your shoulders should be over your knees.

Step 6: Boardslide a box

Head to a beginner box and do a few 50-50s to get warmed up.

  • Start about 10-15 feet above the box and ride straight at it. Try not to make too many turns leading up the ramp, it'll just mess you up.

  • It may be easier to approach a couple inches off to the side of the box (left side if you're goofy, right side if you're regular).

  • Pop when your front foot reaches the box, turn 90 degrees and land with soft knees to cushion the impact.

  • Maintain a flat base with that good posture we described and stick your butt out.

  • If you feel like you are going off to one side, don't worry, just go with it and come off early. Never fight to stay on.

  • At the end, give yourself a little pop and turn your shoulders to ride away regular.

Practice a few more boardslides, going a little faster each time. Once you master boardslides on boxes, watch our next episode and learn how to boardslide a rail.