Burton Un. Inc Review with ICS (Easy Livin).

In this episode, Rick reviews the Burton Un.Inc/Easy Livin size 158 with the channel setting. He used this board all season for teaching, general riding and, of course, in the terrain park. Rick bought it on proform in 2008 as a dedicated park board. The Un. Inc line has now become the Burton Easy Livin, but it is roughly the same snowboard.

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Pros: Like an all mountain board, the Un.Inc is versatile around the hill. It’s softer than a many all-mountain snowboard, so it’s better for butters, rails and boxes.  And I found it more forgiving on sketchy landings. The softness means it will work well for beginner riders, since it’s more forgiving and easier to handle than a stiffer snowboard.

Although it’s soft, it still turns quickly and holds an edge well on groomers. The Un.Inc actually rides similar to the Burton Custom.  The biggest difference is the turn shape. Unlike the Custom, it’s got a twin shape, which makes it hook when initiating turns. This isn’t bad, just different.  You’ll find that it grabs onto the turn more abruptly…making it not quite as smooth as a traditional all-mountain board.

The Un.Inc is a directional twin; meaning it has a twin shape, but the tail is stiffer than the nose. The snowboard feels stiffest right under your feet, which helps with turning and ollies. The twin-like shape makes riding switch a little easier than an all-mountain board since the turn shape is about the same either direction.

Cons: Now for the cons. Extra softness makes the snowboard chatter and wash-out when you really get ripping; so if you’re into aggressive, high-speed carving, you should go with a stiffer, all-mountain board.

It’s not the best in deep powder, since the centered stance means you’ll need to sit farther back to stay afloat. If you are lucky enough to get powder, it may help to set your stance back on days you plan on riding deep snow.

Since it’s stiffer under-foot that a standard park twin, it’s little harder to do tricks like butter s.

Who should buy this snowboard: Overall, the Burton Un.Inc is a great all-mountain twin. It’s ideal for beginner to expert riders who know they will spend about half their time in the terrain park.  It’s a twin that can easily hold its own around the mountain, but does its best work on rails, boxes and jumps. Plus the cute animal graphics are cool.

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