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Powder is the greatest thing to ever happen to snowboarding. The right snowboard only makes it better. We share our thoughts on the Burton Malolo and offer our recommendations on who should buy Burton’s powder snowboard.

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Overall, the Malolo is a terrific powder snowboard. The wide tip gives it great float in powder and helps you cut through crud. It’s generally a good all mountain snowboard, as long as you keep the tip pointing downhill and the base on the snow.

Rick’s review: Rick is 190 pounds and rides the Burton Malolo 162. The Malolo rocks! In powder you don’t have to lean back and it’s easier to go fast.  On groomers, the snowboard carves fast big turns really really well. The directional shape makes switch riding totally weird. Not impossible, but weird. The set back stance and directional shape will make spinning off jumps more difficult, especially for beginner and intermediate riders, but straight airs are all right.  Overall, it’s a great powder snowboard and solid on groomers.

Jill’s review: I’m 115 pounds and have a Burton Malolo149. I really like the Malolo in powder. After riding all-mountain snowboards most of my life, I was amazed how effortlessly it floated. It took some getting used to, but I could ride powder without sitting in the backseat. That helped me ride faster edge-to-edge and make smoother turns. I felt more in-control in the trees, because I could turn faster.  Outside powder, I would prefer my all-mountain snowboard. I know Rick liked it on groomers, but the back-set stance and wide tip threw me off. I felt like I was in slow motion.  I could make good carves, but wasn’t as smooth and almost felt like the Malolo had one turn shape—regardless of what I wanted.  I couldn’t make the quick turns or poppy zig-zags I like to do on my all-mountain snowboard board. I had a hard time trying to lock onto a rail and wouldn’t take this snowboard in the park again.  I like the Malolo, but not quite as much as Rick does. I will only use mine in powder and crud.

Who should buy this snowboard?

This is not a snowboard for beginners to learn on.  The Malolo doesn’t go in the park easily (it can, just not easy).  I don’t recommend the Malolo if you are looking for your first snowboard. BUT, if you are an advanced beginner through expert, you can get something out of this snowboard.  Rather than your only board, it should either be a 2nd (or even 3rd) snowboard meant for powder days. Or it could be a great all mountain snowboard for a mellow rider looking to cruise around the mountain hitting powder stashes and making big turns.

2 Responses to Burton Malolo Review
  1. Warren
    March 31, 2011 | 1:33 am

    I just discovered your website today and I love it! Finally, detailed instructions and reviews that don’t talk to me like I’m 15 years old! Yes, like you guys, some of us snowboarders are actual adults with a real job and kids!!! I love the honesty in your reviews with specific recommendations on who should buy the board. Is there any way you guys could get your hands on more snowboards to review?

    • Jill
      April 6, 2011 | 1:23 am

      Hi Warren! Thanks for the support. Glad you like the reviews and great to hear there are other ‘grown-ups’ in snowboarding. 🙂

      We filmed a bunch of footage for more snowboard reviews a few years ago at a demo day. But, as you can see, we never got around to editing the videos (now that the boards are a few years old, there isn’t much purpose to get them up). I suppose it would be easier to get more boards reviewed if some snowboard companies paid us/provided the gear… nudge, nudge, hint, hint snowboard companies.

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