Best Youth Snowboards

The youth snowboards on this page are selected for older kids (60+ pounds) or kids with a few seasons of snowboarding under their belt. They are sized for older kids with technology intended to maximize the riding style of younger riders. We have not personally ridden these snowboards, but we have researched them and often ridden the adult versions.

Compared to the little kids snowboards, these youth snowboards offer more choice in the shape and performance of the snowboard. Some snowboards are designed to perform better carving, jumping or playing in the freestyle park. You will find snowboards with the following features:
* Rocker–Easy to ride, playful and easy for butters and flatland tricks
* Camber–Not quite as forgiving, but better for carving and jumping
* Rocker/camber mixes–Best of both worlds. For most kids who want to ride the whole mountain, rocker or rocker/camber is probably your best bet.

Our recommendations include multiple options for comparable snowboards, because lets face it, your kid won’t want it if they don’t like the graphics.

Recommended Boy’s Snowboards

Burton Custom

K2 Vandal

Rome Label Rocker

Salomon Minidrift

Burton Hero

Capita Micro-Scope

Burton White Collection

Recommended Girl’s Snowboards

K2 Kandi

Burton Feelgood

Rome Label Rocker

Salomon Grace

Flow Bliss

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    Can you please give me some feedback on the burton protest?

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