Best Powder Snowboards

If you love floating deep powder, back-bowls and tree runs, a powder snowboard can really enhance the experience. After riding deep snow for nearly 20 years on an all-mountain snowboard, I didn’t see the point in a powder-specific board. And then I tried the Burton Malolo and was blown-away! Amazing float, better control and no more tired back-leg from leaning back.

There are two main attributes that make a good powder snowboard:

* Taper – A snowboard that is wider in the nose then in the tail. Taper helps the nose float and the tail sink. This gives the snowboard an effortless, ‘surfy’ feel.

* Rocker – Rocker gives the snowboard a convex shape that helps the nose float in powder. Rocker helps you float, but doesn’t give you the same surfy feel that taper provides.

Pretty much all tapered powder snowboards now also have some type of rocker, so you get the surfy feel with even better float. Powder Twins (snowboards meant to ride forwards and backwards in powder), will have rocker (sometimes A LOT!). These snowboards are good for the rider looking to take their park tricks into the deep snow.

While tapered powder snowboards make decent carves on groomers, moguls and crud, most riders will have a freestyle or all-mountain snowboard and then use a tapered powder snowboard for snow days. If you are looking to cruise the mountain searching for powder slashes or lucky enough to get a daily snowstorm, you could use a tapered snowboard as your primary set-up. We’ve included our favorite picks for both tapered powder snowboards as well as powder twins (which are more versatile).

Sadly, we can’t find any women’s specific powder boards (to be fair, a snowboard doesn’t know your gender), so we have listed the powder boards that have a size or two that will work for many women. Most of these boards have at least one small size that will work for many women, but a few actually have more than one size that will work.

Recommended Tapered Powder Snowboards

Burton Fish
Women’s Size

Burton Barracuda
Women’s Sizes

Capita Charlie Slasher FK
Women’s Size

Salomon Powder Snake
Women’s Size

Recommended Twin Powder Snowboards

Burton Sherlock

K2 Gyrator

Salomon Grip
Women’s Size

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