Rome Minishred Rocker: Best Kid’s Beginner Snowboards

The Rome Minishred Rocker is another great learning snowboard for kids. It is short and soft — making it easy for a small beginner to maneuver. It also has rocker, which means the snowboard curves up off the snow (like the rails of a rocking chair). Rocker makes the snowboard easy to turn and hard to catch an edge–this adds up to fewer falls and faster progression. Like most of the other little kids snowboards, the Rome Minishred Rocker is a twin shape. This means it rides just as well going forward as it does backwards–handy if you don’t know which is your child’s lead foot.

The snowboard comes in several sizes, accommodating kids as small as 35 pounds and up to around 85 pounds. As with the other snowboards in this section, you will likely need to upgrade to a more substantial youth snowboard once your child is a proficient rider. But by the time that happens, it’s likely your child will have outgrown it anyhow.

Buy the Rome Minishred Rocker now! We’ve compiled all the current prices to help you find the best deal.

What size snowboard to buy?
Select the snowboard size based on your weight according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you are between sizes, going with the smaller size can be easier to learn on. Snowboarders can often ride more than one size of the same snowboard.

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