K2 Lunatique: Best Women’s All-Mountain Snowboards

The next snowboard I purchase will probably be the K2 Lunatique. I tried the K2 Lunatique at a demo and thought it was awesome. It’s a fun all-mountain snowboard that is good on groomers, easy to turn, smooth switch, maneuverable and fun in the park. Unlike some stiffer all-mountain snowboards that are more focused on carving (i.e. Burton Fortress), the K2 Lunatique is really playful. Butters, nose rolls and 180s seem easier and the snowboard makes you feel lighter on your feet.

Beginners will have an easy time learning because it’s soft and forgiving, but the snowboard still carves and rides the mountain well, so an advanced rider will be happy too. If you are really pushing aggressive carves, you may loose some stability on the Lunatique, but it holds an edge well for most carvers.

The K2 Lunatique is a great choice if you are looking for a more playful all-mountain snowboard.

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What size snowboard to buy?
Select the snowboard size based on your weight according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you are between sizes, going with the smaller size can be easier to learn on. Snowboarders can often ride more than one size of the same snowboard.

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