Rome Anthem SS: Best Men’s Snowboards

Rick tried the Rome Anthem SS at a snowboard demo and found it to be a good advanced all-mountain snowboard. The Anthem SS is the Rome version of an aggressive all-mountain, charge it hard snowboard. It’s a stiffer flex, so it is not for beginners and general freestyle shenanigans. The stiffer flex with some rocker makes it a little easier to ride and more forgiving than the Burton Custom X. It’s totally capable in the terrain park, but really fun on groomers, steep runs and whatever other terrain you come across in the mountains. The big difference between the Anthem SS and the Custom X is the snap out of a turn you get. The Custom X gives you a noticeable pop out of a turn, while the Anthem SS doesn’t have that pop. This is by design, making the Anthem SS a little easier ride than the Custom X.

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What size snowboard to buy?
Select the snowboard size based on your weight according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you are between sizes, going with the smaller size can be easier to learn on. Snowboarders can often ride more than one size of the same snowboard.

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