How to 50-50 a funbox on a snowboard.

Funboxes are great for newbies to practice freestyle, and the 50-50 is a good first trick. In this episode, we’ll teach you the steps to master the basic 50-50 on a funbox. A 50-50 is a stylish trick that can be performed on simple or difficult rails and boxes. Terrain parks usually have funboxes in many sizes and shapes. As in Smart Style, start with small funboxes and slowly work your to bigger boxes and rails.

Before going into the terrain park, you should be able to link turns confidently on groomed terrain and understand Smart Style.

A 50-50 is a rail and fun box trick where you ride straight over the feature, keeping your body smooth and your base flat. Follow the steps below to learn a basic 50-50.

Step 1: Practice the trick over a line in the snow

Draw a line in the snow or throw a stick down and practice riding over it a few times. You want to set yourself up so your board rides right over the middle of it. Keep your base flat and maintain good posture. Your shoulders should be parallel to your board, your arms should rest at your sides, your knees should stay extra bent and your feet totally flat. Do not go up on edge at all. Get a little speed and ride straight over the line.

Step 2: Add a hop

As you glide over the line, try to lightly hop off. This will help you prepare for the real thing. As you approach the edge of the line/funbox, you’ll want to hop slightly. The hop gives you control over your dismount – it’s always better to put yourself in the air, not the feature. When you land, soften your knees to absorb the impact and ride away smooth.

Step 3: Find a good beginner funbox

Fun boxes come in many shapes and sizes. For this trick, you’ll want to start with the most basic feature. Find a funbox that’s got a ramp leading up to it, so you can easily ride on without having to ollie. It should be about 1-2 feet wide and 1-2 feet off the snow. The box should be about 6-12 feet long—long enough so you have space to do the trick, but not so long that you can’t reach the end. It should have a clean landing; avoid ruts and ice your first time out.

Step 4: Make a friend

You can just ride over it, but the best way to learn is to grab a friend or coach and hold hands. When the park isn’t crowded, ride up to the take-off and stop. Have the coach guide you onto the box. Once you’re on, don’t do anything! Just maintain your good posture. From this position, you can feel the right technique without actually moving.

Step 5: Do it!

  • Approach: start above the box, high enough so you have plenty of speed to ride over it without running out of gas. Set yourself up smooth and avoid making too many turns.
  • Take-off: Ride up the middle of the take-off and line your snowboard up so it’s centered on the funbox. Add a slight pop to give you control as you get on the box.
  • Maneuver: There isn’t much you can do to correct once you leave the snow. Stay in good posture and let it happen. Don’t struggle or fight the funbox. Keep your feet flat and don’t go up on edge. You will slip and fall if you tip your edge up. Because the fun box has slippery plastic on top, you will likely accelerate as your ride over it. Make sure to keep your weight centered over the board and avoid sitting back.
  • Landing: Add a slight pop when exiting the funbox to stay in control. Land with soft knees to absorb impact and ride away smooth.

Trick Tips

  • Making too many turns in the approach can throw off your balance. Try not to make any more turns 5 feet above the funbox.
  • Stick your butt out. Don’t know why, but this always helps me stay in good posture.
  • If you begin sliding off to one side, don’t fight to stay on—simply hop off early and ride away. No worries.
  • Look at the end of the funbox to stay centered.
  • You will go where your front hand points—avoid getting off center by keeping it pointed at the end of the funbox.
  • Go faster! While intimidating at first, more speed will make this trick easier. The faster you go, the less time you’ll need to balance on the funbox.

Next Step: How to boardslide a funbox and Basic snowboard jump

2 Responses to How to 50-50 a funbox
  1. charles
    February 4, 2012 | 8:22 pm

    Hey thanks you guys you’re great teachers! this helped me so much!!!!! One thing that I really like about your videos is you compare the tricks and posture to everyday items. Thanks!

  2. mike
    February 20, 2011 | 1:16 am

    after 13 years of being a powder hound i decided to try the park, your videos really really help. definitely agree that even from early on, speed is your friend!

    keep up the great work

    mike, japan

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