Best Kids’ Snowboards: Beginners & Little Ones

Kids have special snowboard needs and companies are finally investing in technology just for them. Below is a list of snowboards that we would buy for our own kids. If your child is 25-95lbs and snowboarding for the first time, the below snowboards are all great choices. Older or more experienced riders can check our recommendations here: Best Youth Snowboards. Our recommendations include multiple options for comparable snowboards, because lets face it, your child won’t want it if they don’t like the graphics.

While we haven’t ridden these snowboards (for obvious reasons), we’ve researched and selected the best kids’ snowboards for value, reputation and technology. The snowboards offered below should give you the best value for your investment and provide your child with the equipment needed for a positive learning experience.

While adult snowboards divide into specialized categories (all-mountain, freestyle, powder), little kids’ snowboards are generally forgiving twin snowboards. They are meant for beginners and light-weight bodies with technology adapted for kids’ coordination. If you are shopping for an intermediate or youth rider, check our recommendations here: Best Youth Snowboards.

Recommended Kid’s Starter Snowboard Packages

Burton After School Special
(boy’s & girl’s)

K2 Mini Turbo Grompack

K2 Lil Kandi Grompack

Recommended Boy’s Beginner Snowboards

Burton Chopper

K2 Mini Turbo

Rome Minishred Rocker

Salomon Team

Flow Micron Mini

Recommended Girl’s Beginner Snowboard

K2 Lil Kandi

Burton Chicklet

Rome Minishred Rocker

Salomon Team

Flow Micron Mini

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